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Writers born in New Orleans:

Hamilton Basso; Sheila Bosworth; Magdalene Breaux; Poppy Z Brite; George Washington Cable; Truman Capote; Mary Beth Craft; Tom Dent; Peter Feibleman; Shirley Ann Grau; Lillian Hellman; Steve Herman; Brian Keith Jackson; Rhodesia Jackson; Grace King; Nancy Lemann; Elmore Leonard; Edwin P. O'Donnell; Brenda Marie Osbey; Anne Rice; Robert Tallant; John Kennedy Toole; Christine Wiltz

Writers who lived and/or worked in New Orleans:

Nelson Algren; Sherwood Anderson; Wilton Barnhardt; Vance Bourjaily; Roark Bradford; John Ed Bradley; John Gregory Brown; Charles Bukowski; William Burroughs; Robert Olen Butler; Kate Chopin; Andrei Codrescu; John Dos Passos; George Alec Effinger; William Faulkner; Edna Ferber; F. Scott Fitzgerald; Richard Ford; Patty Friedmann; Lafcadio Hearn; Zora Neale Hurston; Jack Kerouac; Sinclair Lewis; David Madden; William March; Alfred Maund; Seth Morgan; Katherine Anne Porter; Parker Tyler; Walt Whitman; Thornton Wilder; Tennessee Williams

In addition to literary writers, there are a variety of genre writers who have written about New Orleans or have strong connections with the city. They include:

Detective/thriller writers who have set stories in New Orleans:

Fantasy/Science Fiction writers:

Romance writers:

Horror/ghost writers:

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