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There is already a superb site devoted to neglected books and I have freely stolen from it. My intention on this page is to draw attention, as does so well, to some books/authors I feel have been too much neglected. Of course, the question arises as to what is neglected. Take the case of William Faulkner, for example. No-one could say that he is neglected. He won the Nobel Prize. Most if not all of his books are in print, with all of his novels available through the very wonderful Library of America. But do people read him? Two of the largest and oldest book review websites - Danny Yee's Book Reviews and The Complete Review do not have a single one of his books under review. A browse around other blogs/literary websites shows a similar dearth of his books under review. Doubtless, some would argue that as his books were published so long ago or because of his fame, meaning that everyone has read him, it is not appropriate to review him. However, my own very crude researches indicate that, outside the South of the United States, where he is read, not many people from English-speaking countries do read him. (The French do, of course, read him.) So is he neglected? My answer is a qualified yes, as far too few people have read the man that I and others consider one of the finest twentieth century authors. The point of this is to show that the definition of what is neglected is not straightforward and could include a vast array of authors whose works are still in print and still read.

There are, of course, many, many neglected books, so I will limit my choices to those on this site (but I will not include Faulkner) and divide them into two categories. The first category will consist of several books originally written in English, which I feel have been too much neglected. I am treating books originally written in English separately, as I feel that most books originally written in a language other than English are already neglected, at least by English-speaking readers. The second list will consist of several books on this site which have not been translated into English and, in my opinion, should be. These lists will be amended now and then.

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