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Ismail Kadare was born in 1936 in Gjirokastir, also the home town of Enver Hoxha. He grew up under the occupation of Albania by Italy, Germany and then the Soviet Union. He studied languages and literature at Tirana University and then in the Soviet Union. After the break with the Soviet Union, Albania became increasingly isolated. Kadare started writing poetry before producing his first novel, Gjenerali i ushtirisi si vdekur (The General of the Dead Army). While a supporter of Albanian communism, as a way of getting rid of the old-fashioned practices of the past, Kadare did mock some of their practices in his work. However, as a delegate to the People's Assembly, he was allowed to travel abroad. However, he did upset the authorities with a satirical poem and was banned from publishing for three years. He emigrated to Paris, where he now lives, in 1991, soon before the fall of Communism.

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